Outrage Over Size Of U.S. Flag At Trump National Doral

By Pat Tryott

Spectators, television viewers and PGA Tour players alike have expressed outrage over the size of the United States flag adjacent to Trump National Doral’s clubhouse, which could barely be seen beside the Blue Monster’s 18th hole.

Several players appeared frustrated during Sunday’s final round at the World Golf Championships Cadillac Championship, unable to gauge the swirling winds on the 72nd hole because the flag wasn’t big enough to help them decipher the direction of the breeze.

“Flags need to be at least 50 meters in length and the U.S. flag at 18 definitely wasn’t that big,” McIlroy said when asked whether the undersized flag caused him to pull his 3-iron approach into the water at the 72nd hole.

Sources indicate the PGA Tour is in the process of pressuring Trump National Doral to erect a flagpole at least 700 feet in height and a flag at least 150 yards in length for the 2016 Championship, hoping it will be sufficient enough to be seen from all corners of Miami.

The lack of visibility of the flag was also wreaking havoc with players on other holes.

McIlroy and German pro Marcel Siem both intimated that their respective club throws into the lake on the par-five 8th hole were frustrated reactions to not being able to glimpse the small U.S. flag – close to 500 metres away – and figure out the wind’s direction.

In a brief to Trump National Doral, the PGA Tour is also expected to request that at least two dozen helicopters, with ‘Trump’ marked on the shell of the aircraft, be positioned around the Blue Monster course for next year’s Cadillac Championship as a symbol of the exorbitant wealth permeating the entire golf industry.

Powerbrokers at the PGA Tour are believed to be intensely embarrassed that only one helicopter was on display on Sunday.

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